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Enhance your lash line to achieve natural looking definition and the appearance of more luscious lashes.

Wake up every morning ready to go for the day without wasting time and money on makeup.

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Touch ups may not be necessary, touch up is only available up to 12 weeks after your original appointment. Anything after that time frame will be considered a new appointment. We do not offer winged liner or dusty liner at this time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eyeliner tattoo is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that lasts 2-3 years before it starts to fade. To keep your tattoo looking fresh, annual touch-ups are recommended. We specialize in lash enhancements focusing on the area between the lashes giving the appearance of thicker, fuller eyelashes. There is no downtime, and healing takes about a week.

The lash enhancement tattoo gives the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes. You are able to wake up and look like you already have makeup on. This is perfect for those who love an easy morning routine.

On a scale of 1-10, most people say it’s between 2 and 3. It feels more like a tickle, and you are numbed throughout the procedure to keep you comfortable.

Generally speaking, it starts to fade after 2-3 years. We recommend coming in for annual touch-ups to keep it fresh.

The cost is $585, and annual touch ups are $285 – $385.

Most people don’t experience swelling after the appointment. If there is swelling, it’s minimal and will go down within 24 hours.