Velvet Lips and Areola Restoration Specialist

Oregon and washington Tattoo Licensed

STudio Meraki Certified

Velvet Lip Certified at Art Face London, UK 

Areola Restoration Certified AT House of Art, TexAS

Lina specializes in Areola Restoration and 3D nipple tattooing. Lina helps many men and women to feel whole again after mastectomies, surgical modifications, sexual transitions, and other scarring or fading. repigmenting the area can add natural tints without looking "tattooed". everything she does,  she does to keep things as natural as possible.

Lina also is a miracle worker with her Velvet Lip tattoos here at Studio Meraki. Lina helps each client to create the perfect shape, color, symmetry and youthfulness for their lips while keeping that natural appearance. Have a color you love? we can match it for you!