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Our Certified Training Program

Join our master artist Lina and learn the magic of areola restorative tattoo. She uses her original machine shading and linework areola and 3D nipple technique to recreate what was once naturally there with little to no pain and NO downtime. Lina has internationally trained and traveled to create a technique of many other masters combined. She is a leader in areola restoration, breast scar camo, lip blush, dark lip neutralization, men’slips, color theory and facial scarring in the tattoo industry. Become an expert in machine technique, 3D tattoo and anatomy and leave ready to work. Lina will also help you learn about breast cancer, surgery types, industry standards in paramedical, genetic mutations, implants and insurance. Whether you’re someone who is in another profession in the beauty industry or someone who has no experience in cosmetics or cosmetic tattoo, we’re here to help make the transition into this amazing network possible. If you do not have any experience, we highly recommend an in-person training like this with a live model to start out.



Class size is limited to 2 people at a time. 


This course includes a full line/ kit of areola colors, online training login for my areola online course, other goodies, full presentation manual, list of everything you need and where to order it, model photos for marketing and certificate. I do also provide 90 days q/a if you need to reach out and get help with anything.

(No machine is included. Machine is provided during training for use if you’d like to try ours before ordering. Many machines can be used as long as they are able to accommodate needle cartridges in sizes 5RL, 7RL and 8CM Shader, 11CM Shader.) 

To book, I require a non-refundable deposit of $1000 to hold the training date and final payment is due 10 days prior. One reschedule is allowed with 72 hours notice. Cancellations or additional reschedules will result in loss of deposit. 

Areola Restoration With Lina

Course Cost


Day 1

Theory, anatomy, implants, cancer treatments, skin, depth and scarring. Business practice and marketing your craft, color and corrections, machine training and technique and live demo


One day of theory, business practice and marketing your craft, color and corrections, machine training and technique and live demo of new client where you can watch, take video and photo. We will also learn what is required to claim through insurance and what is needed to move forward in paramedical tattoo. 

Day 2

Continued machine training and technique, machine work on skins, drawing and mapping. 1 live model

Machine training continued all morning, practice on fake skins and discuss stretch and application. After lunch, you take a live model and we will walk you through the entire procedure. During the procedure, you will draw shape, complete entire appointment and we will take videos and photos for you to post.  We can also discuss how to successfully run an ad and promote. After training you will graduate with a certificate.

90 Day Guidance

Guidance and FREE online training login for continued education!


Starting your own business? We believe in setting our trainees up for success by providing 90 day guidance 24/7. 

Reach out to us at any time via phone or email and get the help you need to setup your  cosmetics studio and be successful.

We also are proud to provide you a login to the online training which has many photos, videos and demonstrations for you to reeducate once you are working. This is very helpful to check back in on after your training.

Requirements Needed Prior To Class Date:
– Up to date blood borne pathogen certificate
– Valid state ID

**Please note that you are not allowed to tattoo in your state with out a valid tattoo license. Studio Meraki does not have to ability to license anyone and this will need to be a legal process completed by your working states licensing office. This class is a continued education class with certification only**

Each state has separate requirements, those are your responsibility to follow and uphold.

*Full Class Schedule Will Be Emailed Upon Non- Refundable Deposit Payment of $1,000.00. Remaining payment is due 10 days prior to training to hold your spot. If payment is not made, it will result in full loss of deposit. 

Deposit is required to hold you place in class. 



Areola restoration, velvet lips master and studio owner

Lina has many years experience in areola restoration and 3D nipple tattooing making her a leader in the industry of paramedical tattoo. She is very involved in the cancer recovery community, trans community and plastics. She believes that everyone should be able to feel beautiful in their body. 

Lina also is a miracle worker with her velvet lip tattoos here at Studio Meraki. Lina helps each client to create the perfect shape, color, symmetry and youthfulness for their lips while keeping that natural appearance.

During this training, you will learn Lina’s personal technique as well as other drawing, scar camo and areola restoration skills. Leave ready to work and start your new business.

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